Saturday, December 11, 2010

Doom Doom Doomy Doom: Evoken, Batillus, Mans Gin, Moth Eater 11-15-10

The darkest of dark doom metal shows.  ..and by dark I mean they needed to turn the freaking lights on!

This was a photographers nightmare (or at least mine), especially when you are using something as basic as a 8 megapixel camera phone.  Also, fog machines are not my friend!

Evoken and Batillus are soo epic you can't even see them.  Both were amazing live despite the fact you can't make out anything in the pictures.

Moth Eater pics came out the best, tho still a bit blurry.

One last side note; Maegashira also played this show and they were awesome, I just got zero good pictures of them :(

Batillus' set was so dark I had to use the flash to get these and it's still super blurry! Damn you!!
As dark as these came out it is a pretty solid representation of the atmosphere on stage for Evoken.
Evoken in darkness.. I swear there were people on stage playing

End of the show.... Now they decide to turn on the lights :P

All in all I'm pretty happy with what I got out of these.  Not just some blurry dark pictures, but a pretty freaking awesome time! I'm so glad I <3 doom metal. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved & Blood Red Throne @ Terminal 5 11/08/10

Aka Norwegian Metal Tour 2010!! Ja!
Hyggelig å treffe deg!

This was a great tour for me because I got to brush up on my Norwegian language skills.  And it was my first time seeing Blood Red Throne. I like them because they throw free merch to the audience. I got a hat! :D.  As far as photos go, I did the best I could shooting from the balcony.  Eh, could be worst!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fin'amor @ Fontanas, NYC 11/05/10

First photo post on P H I L M N O I R! Finally!

First time seeing Fin'amor play.  I kinda felt like an a-hole since I showed up just in time to see them play and left right after their set.  Oh well, This was at the tail end of the 2010 CMJ Music Festival and I at that point was partied out.   

This also marked the first time I officially started to seek out decent photos using my crappy camera phone.  Here is the best of the set!