Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Gwynbleidd & Fin'amor Birthday Bash @ Club Europa!! 02/04/11

OK, so I've been on bit of a hiatus, as it's been over 2 months since my last post (sorry kid's got a little busy.. or lazy :P)  But! I am happy to make the first post of the new year be a fantastic glimpse into my post birthday adventures with Gwynbleidd & friends!

So to start off, 1) Club Europa has terrible stage lighting and 2) I forgot to charge my camera phone I ended up cheating a bit and had to use my Canon Powershot to get the end of the show.  Don't worry though, my digital camera has the same crappy amount of megapixels as my phone, so the outcome wasn't any better.

Here we go!


Set change!

This is the point at which my Phone died and I had to pull out my backup digital camera.  Can you tell the difference?!

I will now give my shout outs to the bands that I didn't get pics of; Satevis and Praetorian:  
Satevis, I have no idea if you were good. I got hungry and made a pizza run during your set  ..sorry.
That guy from Praetorian who gave me a free demo, definitely a nice dude, ..though I will probably never get a chance to listen to it  ..doh.

Long story short, this couldn't have been any better. Great night out with friends and super excited that I finally got to take some shots of Gwynbleidd. Now all you headbangers get out! It's time for polish disco!!!