Friday, March 25, 2011

Woods Of Ypres & Gwynbleidd @ The Bowery Electric 3/16/11

Another night of Metal goodness with Canadian doom-laden metallers Woods Of Ypres and NY's own folk metal outfit Gywnbleidd (Yay!). Fantastic sets by both bands! Really impressed with Woods. They brought a whole new energy to the albums I have become so familiar with over the past few months.

This was also the night of a BIG photography discovery: 'One should be always adjusting the ISO setting for each picture' ..Doh! Yea, I figured this about half way through Gwynbleidds set.  Better late than never, I guess!  At least now I feel like I have a little more control of how this phone takes photos.

But the bigger lesson learned here is: Don't quit my day job!

Woods Of Ypres 
All Woods pics post-ISO discovery

Even adjusting the ISO couldn't help me get a decent shot of their singer when hes standing in the shadows!

Let there be light!
Love this!
David come out of the darkness!

Gywnbleidd - Pre-ISO discovery

ugh soooo graainy...

Gwynbleidd - Post ISO Discovery
Still a little dark and blurry.. but it was kinda dark in there and they kept moving around..

Getting a little better