Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fair To Midland @ Santos Party House 4/6/11

A surprisingly good show put on by Fair To Midland. Honestly, I came to the show with little interest in the band and zero interest in taking photos. I really didn't know who was playing (the other bands included Periphery & Scale the Summit, both of which I missed) and I had been working for the past 12 hours prior (didn't even get to the show until 10pm).

If I hadn't gotten a free ticket I wouldn't have even bothered. Suffice it to say, in the end, I'm glad I did! Fair to Midland pretty much blew my mind (yes, I know I've officially lost all my metal street cred). While they aren't really my cup of tea as far as music goes, they really know how to get the audience into it. I found myself in a swarm of fans singing along to every song (..I kinda felt a little left out)

But, anyhoo, to get back on track... PHOTOS! I took a LOT of photos.. maybe 300 or so. Which is a little redonk for a phone hard drive. The lighting was awesome! The constant lighting transitions throughout the set gave me some variety to work with.

The singer seemed a bit on the crazed lunatic side... very expressive and intense, which made for some interesting shots. I only regret not getting a shot of the blood gushing out of his head after splitting it open doing some insane stage diving move.

This pic pretty much sums up the night

A bit abstract but I kinda like it

About 5 mins prior to this he smashed his head open stage diving... I wonder if he realized he was bleeding all over everyone

Everyone is hugging.. Beers up to the guitarist dude with curly hair, it was his Birfday!