Monday, August 8, 2011

Disma + Coffinworm @ St. Vitus Bar 8/6/11

A night of epic Doom and groovetastic OSDM courtesy of Profound Lore at the super awesome St. Vitus bar in Brooklyn. I won't lie, I was really sad that Loss was not able to play the show as originally scheduled. Though, the show ended up being so good that I will let Loss slide this time.

Got there with just enough time to catch some of Unearthly Trance (didn't get any pics of them since I was all the way in the back :( ). Lucky for me, I managed to move closer for Coffinworm. and they put on a killer show. I hadn't heard them til that night but it was enough to convince me to pic up a CD and a shirt at the merch table. And it definitely didn't hurt that the dudes of Coffinworm were especially chill, extremely nice and appreciative of their fans. They thanked everyone for coming, even introduced themselves personally to everyone they spoke too. Plus there singer has a Hello Kitty tattoo, which is totally rad!

Anyhoo, Disma totally brought it (and by "it" I mean "the awesome!"). There were a ton of pro- photographers at this show. I mean, I counted 8 just standing in the front! I do have to admit, it's a bit intimidating attempting to take photos wielding only a "camera phone" while everyone around me are taking pics with their fancy expensive cameras, lens and flashes. I looked a little bit like a doofus in comparison, but oh well..

I got what I thought were decent shots when I took them. Unfortunately the pics looked soo much better and clearer on my phone screen than on the computer screen. None the less here is what I got!

D I S M A!

Disma in blurivision